Tustin Personal Injury Lawyer’s Top Ten Stupid Driving Tips by People Who Cause Personal Injury Car Accidents

April 24th, 2014 — 04:52 am
1. Always drive a little less than the speed limit in the fast lane on freeways. 2. Never signal your intention to turn or others will take advantage. 3. Playing the radio as loud as you can warns other drivers you are coming. 4. Never change lanes just one at a time when you can cross over four or five lanes all at once and really wake up those drivers behind you. 5. Wear the thickest glasses you can find so people realize you are half blind. 6. Wearing sun glasses at night makes you look ...
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Rialto Truck Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Most Common Excuses for a Truck Accident

April 23rd, 2014 — 04:11 am
1. Trucks always go way too fast. 2. There supposed to get out of the way when on ramp traffic is merging, aren't they? 3. They just have way too many trucks on the freeways these days. It's not safe anymore. 4. You could say I rear ended him. Or you could look at the glass as being half full. 5. I nodded off for just a second. 6. I needed to get into that lane and he was blocking me. 7. Sure I guess I could have gone slower, but the rest of the traffic was going that speed. How did I know he ...
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Tustin Truck Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Driving Techniques Most Likely to Cause Big Rig Truck Accidents

April 22nd, 2014 — 04:51 am
1. Driving at the normal speed through fog. 2. Driving at the normal speed through heavy rain or snow. 3. Paying more attention to one's passenger than to traffic conditions. 4. Failing to allow trucks to merge when they need to. 5. Tailgating trucks that may have to stop suddenly. 6. Not allowing trucks the room to make turns. 7. Ignoring the turn signals of trucks. 8. Staying in the blind spots of trucks. 9. Pulling in front of trucks to avoid traffic in your lane and then stopping suddenly. ...
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Tustin Auto Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Stupid Driving Techniques of People Who Cause Car Accidents

April 21st, 2014 — 03:43 am
1. Always eat while you drive. 2. Always have one hand holding a cup of coffee while you drive. 3. Driving time is grooming time. 4. Always read a map while you drive to know where you're going. 5. Have your navigator watch the road so you can do other things. 6. Driving is a good time to make calls on your cell phone. 7. Hitting puddles of water can be fun at full speed. 8. When others are slowing down, speed up. 9. Freeways are like raceways. 10. Speed limits are for others. As you might ...
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Rocker Jacket

April 20th, 2014 — 04:47 am
A rocker jacket is a leather motorcycle jacket first popularized by the greasers and rockers of the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is believed that the style was introduced by Schott NYC in the late 1920s[1]. The "classic" style with steel belt-buckle and nickel rivets was invented in 1947 by Ross Langlitz, of Portland, Oregon. <a href="http://www.himfr.com/buy-crocheted_lace/\">crocheted lace</a>Rocker jackets can be styled in variety ways, and different versions have been ...
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Tustin Bicycle Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Hazardous Beliefs by Bad Drivers Most Likely to Cause Bicycle Accidents

April 19th, 2014 — 03:34 am
1. Bicycle riders can always be counted on to yield to cars. 2. Bicycle riders wear helmets so you can drive recklessly. 3. Throw caution to the wind. 4. Live dangerously. 5. The faster you drive, the better for your car. 6. You can easily multi-task while you drive. 7. Driving is a good time to do paperwork. 8. You should constantly turn around to see what your kids are doing. 9. Bicycle riders have the stamina to pedal away from danger if you come too close. 10. If a bicyclist is in the way, ...
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Tustin Car Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Worst Driving Techniques of People Who Cause Auto Accidents

April 18th, 2014 — 04:18 am
1. Swerving to keep alert. 2. Hitting the bumps between the lanes for extra fun. 3. Driving on your bald tires until they blow out. 4. Reading all the billboards to stay informed. 5. Driving faster in the rain or snow. 6. Eating messy foods while driving for the challenge. 7. Always having the cell phone in one hand. 8. Ignoring frustrated drivers behind them. 9. Tailgating any drivers ahead of them. 10. Frequently using high beams and honking the horn to get drivers out of their lane. As you ...
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Tustin Pedestrian Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Driving Methods Most Likely to Cause Pedestrian Accidents

April 17th, 2014 — 03:47 am
1. Looking at things in the car instead of on the road. 2. Paying more attention to the radio than to one's driving. 3. Losing one's train of thought by talking incessantly on the cell phone. 4. Paying more attention to the navigational system than to the traffic conditions. 5. Always stopping at the last second for pedestrians. 6. Roaring up to crosswalks at full speed. 7. Driving so slowly, others have to swerve to avoid you. 8. Driving on bald tires. 9. Driving with bad brakes. 10. Driving ...
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Yorba Linda Auto Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Stupidest Things Said After a Car Accident

April 16th, 2014 — 04:37 am
1. Whew, that was fun. 2. Well, I almost missed you. 3. I thought I was going to hit someone and luckily you came out of the blue and hit me. 4. This will be fun to sort out. 5. Life doesn't get any better than this. 6. It's time for a bud. 7. Let's cut cards to see who's at fault. 8. Let's mess with the police officer's mind. 9. I'll bet we couldn't do that again even if we tried. 10. I'll bet you my car damage exceeds yours. Here are ten useful tips of advice from an auto accident lawyer to ...
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Yorba Linda Bicycle Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Most Ridiculous Things Said After a Bicycle Accident

April 15th, 2014 — 03:57 am
1. I was actually aiming for the light post. 2. At least I missed the dog. 3. Your bike isn't totally trashed. 4. At least you're still alive. 5. Could have been worse. I'm not sure exactly how, but ... 6. I don't suppose you know what happened, do you? 7. Where did you come from? 8. I think I messed up. 9. This may not be my lucky day after all. 10. I don't suppose you would like to accept fault, would you? Here are ten useful tips of advice from a bicycle accident lawyer to follow if you have ...
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Yorba Linda Car Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Dumbest Things Said After an Auto Accident

April 14th, 2014 — 03:30 am
1. That wasn't very bright of me, was it? 2. Just shoot me, okay? Ah, never mind, the police officer will probably do that. 3. I gotta stop driving this way. 4. There's got to be a quicker way to get to work than this. 5. Is there a rule against what I did? 6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I messed up. 7. Visit me in jail, will you? 8. Turn your back for a minute, will you. I gotta hide the evidence from my car. 9. This isn't going to look good on my record, is it? 10. My insurance ...
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Yorba Linda Pedestrian Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Stupidest Things Heard After a Pedestrian Accident

April 13th, 2014 — 04:47 am
1. You're probably wondering how I didn't see you? 2. Just so you know, that wasn't the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. I did get married once. 3. Would you like a band aid or something? 4. That looks real painful. 5. You're probably going to want a lawyer, huh? 6. I suppose you want my insurance information. 7. I have an excuse. I was eating and when I took a bite, well, there you were. 8. At least I don't have to have insurance, right? You know, since I hit a pedestrian and not a ...
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Yorba Linda Personal Injury Attorney’s Top Ten Stupidest Personal Injury Car Accident Quotes

April 12th, 2014 — 03:21 am
1. I was thinking about avoiding your car but I ran out of time. 2. My shoe got stuck on the accelerator and then I hit it again thinking it was the brake. 3. I feel like such a heel. Don't worry, I don't have insurance either. 4. This just isn't my day. 5. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. 6. Do you think the police will have designer handcuffs? 7. How do you feel about lying? 8. I'm a doctor. I'm sorry but I have to go and you don't look hurt. 9. I knew I shouldn't have ...
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Yorba Linda Truck Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Dumbest Things You’ll Read on a Police Report After a Truck Accident

April 11th, 2014 — 04:31 am
1. Party one claimed he was only slightly drunk. 2. Party two blamed a beam of light that came from some unknown direction, but he didn't think it was party one's headlights. 3. Witness one said he'd seen everything, but when questioned further, admitted that he came upon the scene after the impact had already occurred. 4. Party three blamed party four. There is no party four. 5. According to parties one and two, a phantom vehicle flipped them both off and parties one and two hit each other by ...
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Torrance Bicycle Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Unluckiest Things People Try to Avoid a Bicycle Accident

April 10th, 2014 — 03:45 am
1. Pedal the wrong way to get out of the way. 2. Panic. 3. Fall over and then get run over. 4. Run into a different car than the one bearing down on them. 5. Get hit by a truck. 6. Get hit by a train. 7. Get hit by a car and then bitten by a dog. 8. Get hit by a car and then hurt being put into the ambulance. 9. Get hit by a truck and then operated on by an incompetent doctor. 10. Get hit by a car and then given the wrong medication at the hospital. Here are ten useful tips of advice from a ...
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